Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health (PDG PH)
Africa Center for Project Management is pleased to announce a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health (PDG PH) and Distance Learning Course, which starts 1st of every month.

Course Organizers:

Africa Center for Project Management was established in 2004 in Amsterdam with the Africa regional offices in Nairobi.The organization was corporate organizations in Africa and Asia by offering Online ertificates and In-House trainings. The organization has over ten years experience working with development partners in capacity building in. We have trained over 5000 development and Business Professionals in various thematic areas.

Overall Course Overview:
Public health is about preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the efforts of society. Whether you are already a working professional in this area, or new to the subject, this Post-Graduate Public Health programme is the ideal for those wishing to address today’s problems in public health. The programme provides students with an understanding of how different scientific disciplines can be used to investigate and then develop the best professional practice in epidemiology, public health and the social science of health. The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, and political belief, economic or social condition. For centuries, public Health throughout the world has been recognized as having a concern for the health of humans. It has also been recognized that the treatment of illness in individual is different than public health’s focus on preventing disease and protecting the health of a population.

Course Outline:

On completion of your course, you should be able to understand and examine critically:
• The discipline of project and programme management, within an overall appreciation of the nature and purpose of projects
• The principles and practice of project planning, design, preparation, and appraisal techniques for projects in a development context
• The theory and practice of management skills for project and programme management, focusing particularly on ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills for successful project implementation
Courses In addressing the issue, this course will cover the following modules
1.Introduction to Public Health Principles and Practice
· Public health: The population health approach
· Evidence-based public health
· Public health data and communications
· Social and behavioral sciences
2.Primary Health care
· Community based rehabilitation.
· Supervision and community based data collection.
· Disaster and epidemics management.
· Planning the implementation and evaluation of Public Health programmes.
3.Communication skills in Public Health
· Health communication.
· Being in contact with patients
· Communication during campaigns
4.Human anatomy and physiology
5.Communicable and non-communicable Diseases
· Aetiology, transmission, epidemiology, prevention and control of communicable diseases.
· Diarrhea diseases.
· Mycobacterial infections.
· Sexually transmitted diseases. Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS).
· Emerging disease threats. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Avian flu.
· Epidemiology, prevention and control of non-communicable diseases.
· Respiratory diseases.
· Renal disorders.
· Dental disorders.
· Metabolic disorders.
· Neoplastic disorders, Cardiovascular disorders, Pyschiatric disorders
6.Epidemiology and principles of clinical research
7.Public Health in a Global Context
· What is global health: Key concepts, successes and challenges
· Gender, wellbeing and global health
· Calamity and connections
8.Infectious Diseases
· Infectious diseases: Global burden, costs, and trends
· Vaccine controversies
· HIV Sex Education: Closing the gap between knowledge and practice
9.Chronic Diseases
· Chronic disease: Global burden, costs, and trends
· Health law, policy, and ethics
· Poverty and health
10.Health Education,& Medical Education Methodology
· The concepts of health education and promotion.
· Socio-cultural factors in health education.
· Environment and health.
· Methods in health education.
· Instructional methods and research.
· Types of evaluation and evaluation methods.
Module 11: Research paper
· You will be required to choose a research topic, share it with the moderator, upon agreement write a proposal, after that do corrections plus writing chapters three, four and five of the whole paper. Guidelines will be provided on the format preffered by the institute.
Module 12: Final examination
There are nine assignments (continuous assessment tests),research paper and one examination to be offered at the end of the course. Assignments account for 60%,research paper accounts for 30% while Examination accounts for 10% of the marks. Upon completion of the course you shall be issued with a Diploma Certificate and a course transcript.

Certificate and Transcripts will be sent after successful completion of the course.

DURATION AND COURSE LOAD:52 Weeks - 5 to 6 hours per week
DATES: (12 Months) Course Starts 1st of Every Month.
PARTICIPANTS: Development Professionals
ORGANIZERS: Africa Center for Project Management
LANGUAGE: English only
FORMAT: Web-based and Distance Learning facilitated